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Mary Delicate

Since 2009 I have devoted my marketing, research, writing and web design skills to promoting local food in Virginia. I have created websites, newsletters, blog posts and thousands of social media posts all to spread the word about local farms and farmers markets.

Throughout this time, my approach has been to train as I work. I share tips, write user-friendly instructions and conduct one-on-one training sessions for market managers, farmers and other market vendors.

Prior to discovering my passion for local food, I was a business information researcher. I spent my days searching periodicals, reports, databases and websites pulling out relevant data and insights for entrepreneurs.


I now work with the Virginia Farmers Market Association building VAFMA's training platform and the Virginia Certified Farmers Market program.




Center for Rural Culture

Farmers Market Coalition

Real Local RVA

Virginia Association for Biological Farming

Virginia Farmers Market Association

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